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Officenet is a specialist supplier of Toners and Inkjet Cartridges for laser printers, inkjets, photocopiers and fax machines.

Customer Service

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* Cartridge Returns

You can return your goods within 30 days for your full money back.

There are mainly 2 different types of returns, faulty goods and incorrectly ordered goods.

Incorrectly ordered goods will be happily taken back with just a few conditions:

  1. Please contact us first to obtain a Return Authorization Number. Returned goods cannot be accepted without a Return Authorization Number.
  2. Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned in original packaging which is still intact. We cannot accept any incorrectly ordered goods which have been opened or if the packaging is damaged or defaced in any way. Note: Before opening any package, please check the package of a cartridge to make sure the cartridge suits your printer. Contact us if you are in any doubt.
  3. When returning incorrectly ordered goods please pack them in another box so that the original packaging will not be damaged by stickers or courier handling.
  4. It is your responsibility to pay the freight charges to Officenet Warehouse. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have a proof of delivery for goods returned to us. Goods that are shipped freight-on or receiver to pay will be rejected at goods inwards in our warehouse, leaving the courier responsible.
  5. Return Authorizations are only valid for 14 days.
  6. All incorrectly ordered goods returned to Officenet will incur a restocking fee.

Faulty goods can be returned with these conditions:

  1. Please contact us first to obtain a Return Authorization Number. Returned goods cannot be accepted without a Return Authorization Number.
  2. As a rule we do not give credits for returns where the goods are over 3 months old (90 days) from the invoice date. This is due to manufacturer’s restraints, not our wishes. Exceptions are made for some products where we have specific latitude given to us by the manufacturer of the product.
  3. Laser or copier returns will not be processed without samples of printed pages from the cartridge in question. The only exceptions where this will not apply to apply to faulty goods where the machine has either not read the cartridge or the toner will not function inside the machine.
  4. If the product has been refilled or tampered with in any way, any credit will be rejected.
  5. All cartridges must be sealed and secured to ensure they do not leak or get lost in transit.
  6. Return Authorizations are only valid for 14 days.
  7. In the case of cartridges: Once we have received the cartridges, we will then evaluate them and contact you to advise the result. In the case of hardware (printers etc) please contact the manufacturer to have repairs carried out under warranty. If you need assistance we are happy to help, just contact us.
  8. We are sympathetic when it comes to returns and will consider all requests for returns which do not meet these criteria on a case by case basis.

Printer Protection – Your Warranty

We warrant that subject to the terms and conditions set out below and under normal use, the cartridges we supply will not cause damage, abnormal wear or deterioration to suitable hardware it is us used with.

If a compatible or remanufactured cartridge supplied by us is claimed to have caused a machine failure, we will agree to repair to repair or replace the machine subject to being provided satisfactory evidence that the fault was caused by the product we supplied. We would require a written statement from the techician and a copy of the service report. Both signed and dated by the authorized service representative. This report should show how the cartridge is responsible for the damage caused. The faulty cartridge should also be returned with these documents for inspection.

Any sign of tampering with the fault unit will void this warranty claim. This warranty does not extend to normal maintenance and cleaning of printers. This warranty does not cover any consequential loss.

Genuine Cartridge Faults - Printer Claims

We will honour all Genuine Cartridge claims as described above. However all claims regarding costs of printer repair resulting from a faulty Genuine Cartridge need to be taken up directly with the first party provider (e.g. Brother, HP etc).

We have also found from our personal experience that contacting the Help Desk of your printer manufacturer in the initial instance may be a good starting point, particularly if it is found that a faulty Genuine Cartridge causes printer damage. This may give you an excellent case to seek reimbursement of any costs of repair or replacement.